Right Livelihood

Learn about how to earn the money you need in a way that feeds your heart and soul!

Over 10 hours of recordings plus writeups and exercises!

Do you feel bored, burned out, or disengaged at work?  You’re not alone.  67% of US employees report they are either not engaged or actively disengaged.  For spiritually inclined folks the pain of this runs deep since feeling connected to soul purpose and a sense meaning in life are some of our strongest desires.



This is one of the things I am asked most often in my one on one work.  In this course, you’ll get the organized summary of 20 years’ worth of conversations with my guides combined with a bunch of scientific and psychological research on how to have work that meets your need for financial security in a way that is aligned for your soul.

You’ll have the chance to explore many options and avenues to find alignment and grace with working for a living. Plus, you’ll learn how to create relief quickly and how to have the energy and bandwidth to move forward if the right choice is to change jobs or careers.  In other words, learn ways to overcome the Catch-22 of being so depleted by your bad job that you don’t have energy or confidence to look for a better one.

You may be able to drastically improve your satisfaction with the job you have.  And, if a change is in order, you’ll understand what to look for in order to place yourself in an environment that’s supportive rather than detrimental.  You’ll learn skills to make work less depleting so you’ll have more space for a balanced life.  And if the job is unredeemably toxic, this will help you have clarity about that as well as next steps.

In my experience, many people work incredibly long and hard to get to their dream job only to find themselves depleted and disengaged several years in. Most people don’t know how to accurately predict what work would make them happy, partly because the place you might learn about a type of work is from people selling training programs or recruiting, so you never hear about the downsides that are the price of admission for any job. So, it’s powerful to know how to map those downsides for yourself and predict the impact on you personally before stepping in a job or onto a career path. Furthermore, once you have a viable job situation, staying engaged and inspired as well as in work/life balance is its own skill set.  One you can start building right away.

Even if you’re happy in your job or retired, everything you learn in this course will teach you about engaging in anything you undertake in a way that sets you up to be happy and successful.

Program Includes:

  • More than twenty modules with writeups and .mp3 recordings on different aspects of Right Livelihood. Over 10 hours of recordings!

Bonus #1: A guided shamanic journey to work with the guides to manifest right livelihood in your life.  This will help you work with the Laws of Attraction, Vibration, and Assimilation in calling an aligned work experience.
Bonus #2: A video with a specific fire ceremony for releasing overwhelm, frustration and hopeless.  You’ll learn a ritual to wake up your magic and call upon your guides to help you unlock your resourcefulness and to call in new possibilities.



Fire Ceremony for Right Livelihood

Guided Journey for Right Livelihood


Katie Weatherup

As a former engineer with 20 years of experience working as a shamanic practitioner, my work draws on both the practical and the mystical, allowing me to help people find their way back to themselves while improving their real-world results in terms of health, money, and relationships.

At 24, I found myself stepping into my adult life with an engineering degree, unmanaged psychic gifts, and a painful lack of interpersonal skills.  I was overwhelmed, overstimulated, and exhausted a good deal of the time.  Yet, this led me to an amazing journey of self-discovery that continues to unfold to this day.  I now have three published books (including Practical Shamanism, A Guide for Walking in Both Worlds) and am thrilled that my full-time shamanic practice has allowed me to work with thousands of clients all over the world.  My social circle is rich and extensive to a degree I could never have imagined as a lonely teenager who got along better with her goats than with her fellow human beings.

My mechanical engineering background has helped me focus my healing work on the necessity of system integrity. The human spirit is a highly complex system, that can break down in complicated and subtle ways. Much of my shamanic work is oriented toward wholeness. I help people recover their power and magic as well as all the parts they’ve lost, forgotten, denied, and disowned.  I’ve done more than ten thousand shamanic journeys and am very comfortable working with the hard, scary stuff.

I would be honored to support you in coming home to yourself and in living a really good life that just keeps getting better!

Background and Credentials

  • BS. in Mechanical Engineering from UC San Diego.
  • Shamanic Practitioner since 2000.
  • Training with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies: Core Shamanism, Death Dying and Beyond, Extraction training, Shamanism and Spirits of Nature.
  • Soul Retrieval training with Dr. Villoldo (although I use a method more similar to the Sandra Ingerman approach).
  • Additional shamanic training with Hank Wessleman and the Natural Healing Institute of Naturopathy.
  • Trained to install and teach the Munay-Ki Rites as taught by Dr. Villoldo and the Four Winds Society.
  • Reiki Master Teacher Certification as well as Certification in Sekhem-Seichim-Reiki with Diane Ruth Shewmaker.
  • Initiated Temple Priestess, a women’s shamanic training program founded by Mellissa Seaman.
  • Studied indigenous traditions with Maria Yraceburu, founder of EarthWisdom.
  • Training and experience with numerous other modalities including Byron Katie work, Tonglen, Qi Gong, Energy Healing, Breathwork, Feng Shui, Shadow Work, Past Life Healing, Ancestral Healing, and more.