Free Yourself from Entities

11 sections • 60 lectures

Free Yourself from Entities

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Free Yourself from Entities and Other Energetic Interferences

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  • Forty-five Modules with over fourteen hours of .mp3 recordings
  • More than 12,000 words of writeups and worksheets
  • Six videos

This program helps people suffering from entity attachment and other negative energetic influences (including black magic and curses) to free themselves from the current situation and to move forward in their lives. It's the culmination of more than twenty years of clearing entities and working with people struggling with this problem.  Get all my best wisdom in one place!

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Not only will this help address the current issue, but this program is also designed to teach you to walk in the world with protection so that you don’t encounter these issues in the future.  Once I learned what I teach in this program, I never had problems with entities or other people’s misdirected energy again.

This program is designed so you can:

Feel better right now- Get immediate relief from the fear and trauma by learning to soothe the fear and pain so that you can feel better right away while you’re learning and implementing the skillset needed to heal and to walk with protection going forward.

Build your Skills- Master and implement the specialized skillset and develop a strong, resilient energy field that is fully protected against entities, black magic, and misdirected energy.

Heal the Trauma- Long-term, acute entity experiences are impactful.  Heal from the mental and emotional trauma and reset your mind and spirit to thrive.

While sometimes entity attachment can be a vague, barely-there sensation, I work with a number of clients who have been profoundly affected by intrusive, unwelcome energies.  Severe forms of entity attachment result in damage to the energy field which, if not repaired, may create a downward spiral of more and more issues over time.  These kinds of problems are often complicated and multi-faceted, so seemingly simple solutions, like getting a clear, often fail to provide lasting results.  Additionally, people often struggle for a long time before seeking help.  As a result, many of my clients display PTSD-type symptoms of reactivity, hypervigilance, interrupted sleep, and difficulty functioning in day-to-day life.  Don’t worry, the program will still help you even if you haven’t been deeply impacted as well as addressing many of the challenges of more general energetic sensitivity!

Program Format: Get access to unique lessons on demand through my online academy.  Lessons include .mp3s, write-ups, and videos.

Take the 21 day challenge to build up the strength and vitality of your auric field in just 15 minutes a day!  It’s something you can use anytime you need deep healing and restoration of your energy body.

Please note: This program is not a substitute for proper mental health care.  Mental illness often goes hand in hand with entity issues and creates greater vulnerability to these kinds of attachments and intrusions.  In these cases, I see the best results if someone is working with me for clearing entities/soul healing as well as a qualified mental health professional.

Also, I highly recommend pairing this program with a soul retrieval session.  Getting all of your essence back eliminates spaces for entities to hang out inside your aura field and massively increases your health on a number of levels. More info here:

Who this program is for…

People dealing with entities: this program combines all my best knowledge of 20 years of working with this issue on behalf of my clients as well as what I’ve drawn from my own journey.  I hope it will support you in becoming free of entities forever.

If you’re not sure you need help with entities:  I recommend focusing on having a healthy energy body and trusting that this part will take care of itself.  Most people don’t need specific support with clearing entities and never have a problem.  I often limit what I share about this part of my expertise for the same reason a doctor wouldn’t tell healthy people about obscure, scary ways the body could have issues.  The Energy Body Illumination is my full training for people with energetic sensitivity and psychic gifts who want to thrive in the busy, often energetically complex world.

That being said, because I’m discounting the program so much, you can get some of the core modules from my Energy Body Illumination program at a massive discount.  There’s info on handling anxiety, building or rebuilding your energy body, protecting your home, and cord cutting, all of which are relevant for anyone with energetic sensitivity, but no entity issues.

If you’re wanting to support other people with energetic or shamanic work: This is not a teaching manual for how to actually clear entities from other people, although I may teach that at some point if there’s enough interest.  But, it has a huge amount of information about what is needed to support people in getting free of this experience.  There’s a huge need for skilled guides in helping people be free of entities and negative energetic influences.  These building blocks are things that could help you to help others with the complexity of this issue.

Free Yourself from Entities

and Other Energetic Interferences

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