Heart Healing with Guided Journey

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Heart Healing with Guided Journey

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The Heart Healing mp3 is about giving you tools to get your heart back to where it can love deeply and fully. Sometimes, we open our hearts to something or someone and it doesn’t go the way we hoped. This could be putting our heart into a job then getting laid off. Maybe it’s the death of a loved one. Perhaps we’ve opened to a friendship with someone who turns out not to be a good guardian of the vulnerability that arises when connect more deeply. Maybe it’s a romantic relationship where we simply got so caught up in the energy of the connection that we didn’t see some major mismatches until after we’d engaged more deeply than was wise.

If you’ve experience some form of heartbreak, this healing can speed up the recovery. If we have hearts that open willingly, get hurt, and recover very quickly, we can learn and grow and call in what we want far more dynamically, becoming more open-hearted over the years, rather than less.

The background is a live recording of an in person class.  Please be advised the sound quality is imperfect.  The guided journey was created specifically for this offer.

Heal your heart!

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