Shamanic Training with Guided Journeys

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Shamanic Training with Guided Journeys

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This Course includes over six hours of shamanic training!

This is for those who want to learn more about shamanism with an emphasis on personal healing and practical application to day to day life. No prior training or experience is needed, but there are suggestions for more advanced practitioners.


Shamanic Hygiene and Space Clearing
Energetically sensitive people benefit greatly from an environment with clean, clear energy. Being able to keep your personal energy field bright and clear makes a huge difference in your quality of life. This .mp3 will provide a straightforward guide to understanding the nature of your personal energy field and the energy of your space. I offer practical tips and tools for tending to your personal energy field. Learn how to protect and ward your home and keep it feeling good. The guided journey will support you in scanning and clearing your personal energy field.

How to Manifest Money and Other Good Things with Shamanism
Shamanic techniques provide a powerful way to manifest the things you desire. Learn about right alignment and the yin and yang or masculine and feminine approaches to manifestation. Invite guides to work on your behalf in bring your desires to fruition. Learn about possible blocks to manifestation and how to work with them. Find out how to get universal energy working on your behalf to manifest financial abundance and other good things.

Cord Cutting and Managing Energy with Other People
To the trained shamanic eye, there is a web of energy connecting us to the people in our lives. Sometimes this web is beautiful and shows golden heart cords connecting us to loved ones. Often, though, some of our connections are less healthy. The energy of co-dependency, for example, can look like cords plugged in taking energy from one person to another. How do we gracefully navigate people sending us energy we don’t want and how do we make sure we’re clean and responsible about how we send our energy to others? Learning to work with our energetic relationships to others can help those relationships come into healthier alignment on the emotional and physical levels.

Chakra Healing
Our chakras are the gateways between our personal energy field and universal energy. In my experience, most people’s chakras are only expressing a portion of their full potential. Understanding the organizing principles of each chakra can help you understand how to live a balanced life, support and care for yourself on many levels, and understand how to realign when challenges arise whether they are mental, emotional, physical or in external circumstances. Even if you know a great deal about the chakra system, you will likely find new information in this recording. And, as with all my work, this recording is oriented towards practical applications.

Ancestral Healing
Being in right alignment with your ancestors can provide a profound source of assistance. When asked for support, our ancestors will line up, with our mother’s line behind one shoulder and our father’s line behind the other, offering strength, wisdom, and unconditional love. In working with our ancestors, we can offer a service to ourselves, those who came before, and all those who come after through healing family patterns and legacies. Sometimes, family legacies of poverty, abuse, addiction, or pain can be hard to heal because the wound is anchored in all the living descendants, thus mirrored and reinforced in many ways. In most families, not all members hold the same level of commitment and desire to heal. Learn how to release yourself from your family wounds and patterns and invite in the unconditional love that can be held by those who came before.

Connect with your Spirit Guides and start you shamanic healing journey!

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