The Instinct Intervention

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The Instinct Intervention

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Over 12 hours of .mp3 content, plus videos and write-ups!

Helping people to get out of stress state and calm their fight or flight response is one of the things I’m most geeky and passionate about.  You can make a lifelong shift in 30 days! No amount of kale smoothies will do for your health what this one shift will.  And that’s just the tremendous boost to your physical health; there are also massive mental, emotional, and energetic health benefits.  Calming the fight or flight response is one of the best ways to gain access to your psychic, healing, and intuitive gifts.

Did you know that you don’t actually need to heal your childhood and past trauma to shift out of stress state?  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for healing these things.  But this can be a work in progress and not mean that your system is drowning in adrenaline and cortisol in the meantime.  Thus, your brain can actually repattern and heal past trauma must faster, plus your quality of life can improve right away!

This was a huge game-changer in my own life.  When I shifted my fight or flight from on all the time at a low level to mostly turned off but occasionally activated, I saw immediate changes.  There was a massive reduction in my allergies, critical self-talk, and mental fears.  It resolved much of my mental cycling of past embarrassments and my tendency to imagine terrible future problems.  I started sleeping better and my business improved almost overnight.  While I laid the groundwork with mental, emotional, and spiritual health over the years before, this shift specifically with my fight or flight happened quickly, over the course of about a month.  The ripples continued in improved relationships with others and greater self-confidence.

I want that for all of us!

Calming and quieting the fight or flight response can have many benefits including:

  • Greater access to your psychic gifts and abilities.
  • More successful relationships with others.
  • Greater career success. After all, your executive brain will work much better.
  • Improved self-efficacy- the instincts resist change, even if it’s beneficial. Procrastination or self-sabotaging behaviors can originate from unconscious instinctual activation.
  • Better sleep, memory, concentration, and digestion.
  • Relief from anxiety and depression and great access to emotional regulation.

Program Includes:

  • A daily protocol to drop your fight or flight baseline activation. Once reset to a healthy level, you’ll need less time on a daily basis to provide your instincts with adult supervision so they don’t run amok in your life in the future.
  • Training modules and guided shamanic journeys to understand and work with your instincts. Ready to understand how to be in right relationship to your instincts and learn skills to work with this part of yourself?  Get hours of content and unlimited access.
  • Bonus: Past Life and Ancestral Healing Module with Guided Journey
  • Better health right away.

Note on my approach with this offer:  I’ve spent the last year developing core programs that are the best of more than 20 years of my shamanic wisdom.  These programs are things I think are most essential for an intuitive, sensitive person to thrive in their life.

Calm and quiet the fight or flight response in 30 days or less!

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