The Soul Purpose Alignment

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The Soul Purpose Alignment

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By understanding, connecting with, and aligning to our soul purpose, we can access the most focused support from our higher self and team of guides.  This helps us create the life we’d most love living while charting a course that leads to an incarnation we will feel proud of and happy with, looking back.

This course is designed to be self-study.  If you want direct shamanic support around soul purpose, consider a Soul Retrieval followed by a shamanic healing session that includes the Soul Purpose Update:

The goal of this program is to help you to have a facilitated conversation with yourself that will help you reveal things that matter most to you in constructing a functional, dynamic life that creates space for actualizing your soul purpose and soul intentions.  It will also help you have a larger perspective on soul purpose.  I share much of what I have learned looking at the soul intentions of my clients over more than twenty years.

Connect with your Soul Purpose and learn how to live from that inner knowing.

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