Cord Cutting Shamanic Hygiene and Psychic Protection

Sharing the world with so many people, loved ones and not so loved ones, can be challenging for the energetically sensitive. Learning how to set the energy between yourself and others to a healthy configuration can provide strong protection and eliminate drains on your personal energy. The shamanic version of Al-Anon, this will help you to clean up the energetic side of co-dependant relationships, while keeping your energy body clear and protected.

This a live recording of an in person class.  Please be advised the sound quality is imperfect.  It contains two and a half hours of material.


Katie Weatherup

As a former engineer with 20 years of experience working as a shamanic practitioner, my work draws on both the practical and the mystical, allowing me to help people find their way back to themselves while improving their real-world results in terms of health, money, and relationships.