Inner Child Work

Regardless of how well or badly you may have been parented as a child, you can parent your own inner child into a balanced, healthy place. Many of us are out of harmony with our inner children, creating a continuous internal struggle. When we are too harsh with ourselves, we limit our personal joy and disconnect from our life force energy. When our inner children are running the show, we spend money we don’t have, procrastinate on important things, and indulge in harmful behaviors. This class will help you come into harmony with your inner child.

This a live recording of an in person class.  Please be advised the sound quality is imperfect.  It contains two and a half hours of content.


Katie Weatherup

As a former engineer with 20 years of experience working as a shamanic practitioner, my work draws on both the practical and the mystical, allowing me to help people find their way back to themselves while improving their real-world results in terms of health, money, and relationships.