Meet your Star Being

Our human family is attracting the attention and guidance from beings that are committed to assisting Earth’s Children as we transition to higher frequencies of spirituality.

I’ve developed a 50 minute audio program with the help of Mara Clear Spring that provides information about Star Beings and a Guided Shamanic Journey to assist you in meeting your personal Star Being. This is a basic recording, done in my home, so you will hear my cat, Astara, in at least one place. It is also a channeled audio program. This provides the strongest vibrational transmission of this energy and information. The program includes 50 minutes of material.


Katie Weatherup

As a former engineer with 20 years of experience working as a shamanic practitioner, my work draws on both the practical and the mystical, allowing me to help people find their way back to themselves while improving their real-world results in terms of health, money, and relationships.