Shadow Work Class

Shadow work is one of my favorite topics because when we make peace with our shadow and honor it, we become whole. Much like soul retrieval work, honoring all aspects of our being- light and dark- heightens personal power, vitality and happiness. Learn how to replace judgment of others good boundaries. Release shame and self-punishment while harmonizing with all that you are. Debbie Ford’s “The Dark Side of Light Chasers” is recommended reading.

This a live recording of an in person class.  Please be advised the sound quality is imperfect.  It contains one and a half hours of material.


Katie Weatherup

As a former engineer with 20 years of experience working as a shamanic practitioner, my work draws on both the practical and the mystical, allowing me to help people find their way back to themselves while improving their real-world results in terms of health, money, and relationships.