Energy Body Illumination

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2 Minute Guided Journeys

Connect with your guides and shift your energy, in 2 minutes or less….

Guided Shamanic Journeys are a powerful way to focus intention and call in support from our guides and angels. There are many beautiful practices for this, but they often require an investment of time that is too large during a busy day when we need support the most. As part of this program, you have access to the full set of these guided journeys.  You can access them from your personal dashboard after logging in.

This includes a series of 21 recordings.  For each topic, there’s a background recording sharing more about the topic and how the guided journey will support you in practical terms.  Each topic also has a 2 minute guided journey.  You can download this to your smartphone and use it on the go as needed.  The more you practice, the more you develop your ability to use your intention to shift your energy, with or without the recordings.

Topics include:

  • Vibrational shift
  • Energetic hygiene
  • Space clearing
  • Calming your instincts
  • Cord cutting
  • Re-gather your energy
  • Gather your power
  • Sleep
  • Manifestation