Right Livelihood

  Welcome to Right Livelihood
  Sorting for Right Livelihood
  Engage the Journey
  Character Strengths and Virtues
  Myth that Humans Dont Like to Work
  Energetic Sensitivity and Work
  Life and Lifestyle Big Picture
  Universal Needs and Work
  Put Yourself First and Find your Good Enough
  Chakras and Work
  Upgrade your Skill Stack
  Finding Meaning and Aligned Contribution
  Do I Stay or Do I Go
  Flow State Time Freedom and Ownership
  Keeping your Happy with your Aligned Job
  Hitting Bottom vs Changing from Baseline
  Cycles of Life
  Know your Archetype
  Wrangle yourself without Struggle
  Some Thoughts on Working for Yourself
  Resources for Further Exploration
  Fire Ceremony for Right Livelihood
  Guided Journey for Right Livelihood
More than what you’re doing, whether you’re using the core attributes that you are best at will define your happiness at work. It’s one of the key distinctions between whether people feel they have a job or a vocation rather than the actual work being done. In this module, you will learn how to find your signature strengthens and begin to explore how to use them more. As it happens, this will increase your happiness in life overall, but aligning the work you have or finding other work that offers an environment in which you can use your top character strengths, will increase meaning and purpose in your work.

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