Shamanic Training with Guided Journeys

  Shamanic Hygiene and Space Clearing
  How to Manifest Money and Other Good Things with Shamanism
  Cord Cutting and Managing Energy with Other People
  Chakra Healing
  Ancestral Healing
  Sacred Space
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To the trained shamanic eye, there is a web of energy connecting us to the people in our lives. Sometimes this web is beautiful and shows golden heart cords connecting us to loved ones. Often, though, some of our connections are less healthy. The energy of co-dependency, for example, can look like cords plugged in taking energy from one person to another. How do we gracefully navigate people sending us energy we don’t want and how do we make sure we’re clean and responsible about how we send our energy to others? Learning to work with our energetic relationships to others can help those relationships come into healthier alignment on the emotional and physical levels.

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