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Adulting is hard! By the time we’ve finished all the things we have to do, we’re often out of hours or energy to engage with things that feed our heart and soul. Anyone who’s spent time with or near a toddler on a plane has heard the results of too much structure, behaving, and conforming over a period of time. While adults are a bit more sophisticated, in essence, if we don’t get some pleasure out of a focused day, we get pretty darn grumpy. Things like sugar, carbs, fat, and alcohol cause releases of dopamine and serotonin, happy hormones. It’s a quick hack to give us a dose of pleasure, anytime/anywhere. This has some obvious downsides if your goal is to lose weight. This module will help open pathways to the full spectrum of healthy human pleasure (pathways that often become numb with disuse) and help you find ways to activate pleasure holisitically.

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