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Welcome and Soul Purpose Myths

Welcome to the Soul Purpose Alignment!  It’s a joy to create this new program.

In this opening recording, I want to talk about some of the myths and frameworks we may hold around “Soul Purpose” that lead us to misunderstand this important compass and source of inspiration for our lives.

While we may enjoy a rom-com, ideally we don’t feel that our own romantic relationship is lacking because we don’t have an airport chase scene.  But, with soul purpose, there’s so little talk about it and so much is organized into a specific kind of narrative, that we can believe things that are untrue.

One of my biggest challenges when I was teaching people to do shamanic journeying was persuading them not to discount their own valid and effective early journey experiences because it wasn’t how they pictured it based on the way someone else translated their experience into English.

Some major soul purpose myths include:

Myth #1: It must be a loud, overwhelming voice or drive. 

I’ve certainly had times when I was incredibly driven on my path.  But, I would offer that I’m more skilled than ever at hearing from my higher self and team and it means they don’t have to yell or override.  It’s an ongoing, living conversation that I deliberately make space for, hence a lot less tension builds up.

Myth #2: It has to be the one thing you do. 

Well, if you’re a would-be Olympic athlete, that’s probably the way of it, but most of us can have a life that balances many fulfilling aspects and our soul will often be happier with a diversified life experience when all is said and done.

Myth #3: It involves great sacrifice. 

Well, that’s one way to do it.  And, you might give up some (not all, but some) glasses of wine, Facebook scrolling, or Netflix binges.  I’ve spent 20 years talking to the guides about what people’s higher self would like and hearing from the human side and mostly it’s just about giving up some of your time and energy leaks for something with a better return on investment for soul satisfaction.  Addiction and repetition of patterns are kinda boring for our higher selves and team of guides so, creating movement and innovation is worthwhile, but not required or recommended as a 24/7 undertaking.

Myth #4: It must be something that other humans recognize. 

Sure, we love famous people who write best-selling books or make headlines.  Our brains are hardwired to care a lot about perceived social value and status unless we balance that with more sustainable, life-affirming values.  But please don’t let your third chakra and instinct brain’s desire for safety due to status define your view of soul purpose.  There are many souls who are thrilled with their incarnation journey who didn’t achieve fame and fortune.

Myth #5: You should obey what some greater knowing tells you to do.

Often when people are embarking on paths because “spirit told me to”, they are rationalizing something one part of them really wants and another part doesn’t.  I personally know someone who ended up living in her car because she told herself the story that if she quit her day job to do healing work, spirit would provide clients.  And she was a bright, gifted healer.  We get a lot of religious frameworks that have a central premise of giving up your power and obeying some higher power rather than being in collaboration with spirit.  You’re the expert on your human experience in this lifetime AND your guides and higher self have valuable information to bring to the table to help you have a life well lived on all levels.  If anyone holds the veto, it needs to be the human who will live with the choices, not our team of advisors. 


Welcome and Soul Purpose Myths